jueves, 15 de abril de 2010


Every moment in yout life is something to learn.
When time passes by you can notice some things that probably weren't the expected ones, but anyway, you shouldn't be bad about it. You should smile and think, that's great, I've learned a new thing today.

Some day you will probably get to know something that it really gets you mad. But you just got to get over it. I know it isn't easy, but it's the best option.

I wish I could have SHOUTED and TELL that person:
Do you know what? I am not as stupid as you think. The worst thing is that you denied it, you don't even have the wilness to come and tell me "okey, I lied to you". NO, you don't. You just do as if nothing ever happened, as if everything goes as usual, and that's not reality.

But I will keep on trying not to care about it. Because that was the moment when I was totally dissapointed and at the same time I realized that I don't have to trust in people I don't REALLY know.